Mejor precio itv madrid

Mejor precio itv madrid

Appointment prior itv madrid

Another area with peculiar tariffs is the Community of Andalusia, as it makes a distinction of vehicles not only according to whether they are powered by gasoline or diesel engines, but also according to their cylinder capacity, dividing them into those below 1,600 cc and those above.
Thus, the Balearic Islands, with Mallorca at the forefront, is the Autonomous Community where it is cheaper to pass the ITV in 2021 in the case of having a gasoline car (20.08 euros), while Ceuta is at the antipodes with a fixed price of 41.62 euros before taxes and fees.
In the case of having a diesel car of less than 1,600 cc, Andalusia is the cheapest place (28.05 euros). Above this cylinder capacity, Asturias is the cheapest Community to pass the ITV (29.38 euros) and Ceuta is again the most expensive area (49.37 euros).

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As you know, the price of the ITV in 2019 is still under the competence of the Autonomous Communities. That is to say: it does not cost the same to pass the ITV in Madrid than in Granada. And beware, the difference in ITV prices in 2019 is not limited to the place where one passes it; as indicated from, the type of engine also affects the amount involved in passing the technical inspection. And it is that passing the ITV to a diesel car is more expensive than to a gasoline one. At least, this is the case in almost all the autonomous communities, except in four:
It is worth remembering that these prices suffer many oscillations, and that the difference between one place and another can be enormous. In this link you will find the report carried out by Facua in which the cheapest and most expensive cities to pass the ITV to your car at the end of 2018 were analyzed.

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With an unfavorable result you can only circulate to go to the workshop and back to the ITV station, while with a negative result it is forbidden to circulate with the vehicle, which must be moved with external means.
In Madrid the state regulation is applied, you have 60 calendar days to carry out the free re-inspection, as many times as necessary. After these 60 days, the total amount of the ITV must be paid again.
If the inspection is again unfavorable, you will have to pass it again within a maximum period of 2 months from the first inspection. Subsequent inspections after the second free inspection are all for a fee.

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