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The NRC is a payment system available for both individuals and legal entities. It was created to make payments to the AEAT. Nowadays, it also works in several Autonomous Communities. Basically, it is a debit in account that can be used when:
However, it is also possible to obtain it when going to file the tax through the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency by choosing the tax payment option. The NRC can be generated by card charge or current account charge.
The NRC is a financial procedure that must be linked to another administrative procedure, such as the filing of the corresponding tax return or self-assessment. Obtaining an NRC does not directly imply payment, but it does imply a blocking and consignment of the money in favor of the AEAT (NRC Agencia Tributaria) and on account of a specific tax and model (AEAT NRC).
With the NRC the tax can be filed online. You only have to enter the code once you choose the option to enter. If you do not have the NRC code, you can obtain it at that moment by selecting the option “make payment (obtain NRC)”.

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The NRC will appear on the transaction receipt, together with the summary of the payment details. For the NRC to be valid, it is important that the data provided to the Collaborating Entity at the time of payment are correct.
In returns and self-assessments involving a payment, and for which direct debit has not been selected as the payment method, the NRC generated by the bank must be included in order to be able to file the tax return.
On the other hand, in the payment of settlements/debts, once the payment has been made and the NRC has been obtained, the process will have been completed, without any further action being necessary. The response obtained with the NRC can be saved as proof of the operation.
If the payment was made through the AEAT payment gateway but the receipt has not been obtained or has not been kept, there is the possibility of recovering it from the corresponding options of “Consultation of a previous payment by direct debit” and “Consultation of a previous payment by card payment”, in the Electronic Headquarters.

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Order EHA/2027/2007, of June 28, which partially develops Royal Decree 939/2005, of June 29, which approves the General Collection Regulations, in relation to the credit institutions that provide the service of collaboration in the collection management of the State Agency of Tax Administration.
Article 29.1 of the General Collection Regulations, approved by Royal Decree 939/2005, of July 29, 2005, provides that the collaborating entities shall centralize the operation of depositing in the Treasury the amounts collected and sending to the competent collection body the information necessary for the management and follow-up of the revenues.
In fact, the model inspired by centralization was already established in article 181 of the previous General Collection Regulations, approved by Royal Decree 1684/1990, dated December 20, 1990, and amended by Royal Decree 448/1995, dated March 24, 1995, and therefore the new regulatory framework has opted to maintain it, in view of the unquestionable advantages it brings.

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This occurs in all self-assessments or returns that do not involve an income for the taxpayer and have not been domiciled in a bank. In cases of debts or payment of settlements, the NRC does not have to be presented, simply keep it to justify that the operation has been completed.
In case of carrying out the management through your bank, you will enjoy complete security, since you will be able to guarantee that your payments are carried out successfully, in addition to carrying out the procedures in entities that control this type of management and are in charge of solving any type of problem that may arise. In addition, making the payment with the NRC, you can pay while you make the declaration, while if you make the payment by direct debit, you have up to 5 days in advance to present the model.
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