Juegos de memoria gratis para adultos en español

Juegos de memoria gratis para adultos en español

Memory games for seniors

An ideal and entertaining way to exercise the brain is through memory games for adults.  Every September 21, World Alzheimer’s Day is commemorated to raise awareness and help in research to prevent and cure this chronic disease. The date is approaching and we believe it is very important to keep this in mind both these days and always.
Games are essential in all stages of life, but in the elderly they are extremely recommendable because of the great benefits they can bring to the quality of life and health of the older adult.
Encouraging games, both physical and mental, help seniors socialize, activate and train the mind and improve positive mind and mood. This can be done both through games for seniors using tablets and other technologies, as well as more traditional board games.
Memory games and exercises in particular will bring great benefits to the elderly. Activating and stimulating the mind on a daily basis helps to improve concentration and will help prevent age-related cognitive decline and/or slow down the symptoms of certain pathologies or dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory and logic games

This is because the process of learning dance steps and adjusting rhythmic coordination promotes the development of new neural connections. The same study also examined the role of certain intellectual activities on memory health, and concluded that three of them were very positive: reading, playing musical instruments and playing board games.
Since games have benefits in this regard, listed below are five that stimulate memory and function as a brain workout for older adults, and thus improve their quality of life.
The development of the game is simple. All the chips are shuffled and placed on the table, face down. In turn, players turn over two of them: if the images match, the player keeps them; if not, they turn them over again and leave them where they were. The goal, of course, is to remember where these images are so that they can be found when, in the next turn, their partner appears.
The idea is to establish categories, such as those that give name to the activity (name, thing, animal) but which can also be many others, even from the private sphere of the players (“places we have traveled to”, “objects in this house”, etc.). From the choice of a letter, the challenge is to find a word for each category that begins with that letter. For example, with the letter C: ‘Carlos’, ‘Caravajal’, ‘cuchillo’, ‘cabra’, ‘cabra’…

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Free adult memory development games

An activity that will be cool if you can’t leave your house is to play options like memory board games for adults, at a good price and simple to get. Experiment with cooperative games, competitive games and enhance them with products like memory board games for kids or memory board games, being available from this website. We know that people like us have more board games than they can ever take out to play or even keep at home. Avoid headaches thinking about where to keep them, board games will help us to get rid of an afternoon without being able to go out or will help you with a meeting with many people. After hundreds of hours playing hundreds of board games, these proposals that we present here are definitely worth a try. Whether you are looking for a glorious maneuver, something for a party, or quieter alternatives to play as a couple, you will find it in our list of board games.

Train your brain – memory g…

Games that, in addition to serve to spend a fun time, serve to further cultivate and strengthen the cognitive areas of the brain, fine coordination, attention, memory … and much more!
We would like to inform you that in order to play this memory game for the elderly, it is necessary to assess the motor and cognitive abilities of the person, as he/she could suffer an accident if he/she loses balance. It is not recommended for everyone.
In addition, to perform this type of games, it is always advisable that people are present to supervise the activity being performed, and if possible, it should also be consulted with the doctor you trust.

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